Below is a portion of the log kept by our research & development team during the planning & testing of what eventually became Monster Defense Brave Spray.  The early stages of development & monster acquisition for testing were destroyed in an unfortunate accident.  We pick up on our return trip around the world collecting specimen (MONSTERS) for testing in our lab.

- No surprise customs had problems with the zombie, vampire, gremlin, goblin, gorgon, yeti, cerberus, chimera and chupacabra we brought home from our travels. Luckily we got them back to the lab & can begin testing.

- All night testing formulas, and so far nothing has worked. So much for garlic working on vampires. That's okay, it smells terrible anyway. Time to break for breakfast, then a little nap.

Oh my, I think we're on to something. You can't imagine the sound of 27 monsters sneezing in unison.

Nothing like a belly full of french toast to get you through the morning.

Went to check on the monsters after breakfast yesterday & they had all disappeared except for the chupacabra & cerberus. This is not good.

Just finished reviewing security tape to find out how the monsters escaped. Cages never opened...they just disappeared. What to make of this?

Local authorities searching for missing monsters. Can get back to developing my serum.

Thinking our breakfast the other day must have had some effect on the monsters. Breaking down oranges & french toast cell matter to test a new theory. Slow going, but we should have new formula samples ready for testing tonight. Down to only a chupacabra & cerberus, so we're going to have to acquire some more monsters...

New monster repellent formula made of oranges & maple syrup seems to work, but we could only perform controlled tests on the 2 remaining monsters, who are both now gone as well. Really need help with specimen acquisition...

No sleep. Can't continue travel in search of test subjects & be in lab at the same time. Let me know if you can recommend a good monster hunter.

Hired the self-proclaimed, best (and probably only) monster hunter in the world, Vukasin Van Helsing from Northern Serbia. He comes from a long line of vampire hunters, but now that so few vampires remain he's had to expand his business. I only hope he can do what he claims.

Sammy from Pennsylvania says he has a monster in his closet. Booking travel now. This is so exciting...possibly our first American specimen... 

Report back from Vukasin VH...trapped 32 monsters in a sub-basement of Chernobyl & is putting them on a freighter to the US tomorrow morning. Serum is finalized, and if it tests out positive we can begin bottling.

 - Took sample serum to PA with me to test on Sammy's closet. It worked! Got a great story idea while I was there, too...

- Just saw on the news that reports of monster sightings in the US are on the rise with Halloween drawing near. Should probably get a team together to investigate.

Final testing of Monster Defense Brave Spray formula was a success!

AuthorMatt Hardesty