We first had the idea of creating a “monster spray” back in October of 2012.  Our nephew was telling us the reason he was in my sister's bed every night was because there were monsters in his room.  Immediately, Whitney went down to our basement and crafted a makeshift bottle of monster spray.  He loved it, and slept in his own bed from that day on.  We thought, "what a great idea!  Why not make this available to everyone?!"  

This wasn’t a new idea, by any means, in fact the first mention we found of monster spray was in a Judy Blume book, but we knew it could be a really fun business if it was done right. We wondered, “why have I never seen this in stores?” and “why don’t more people know about this type of product?”  So we decided to mention it to a few of her friends and family and they thought it sounded like a fun idea as well.

We started doing testing, sampling and assembling, all in our kitchen after putting our 2-year-old to bed.  Our initial concern was creating a spray that would be both safe for and desirable to children.  Most of the sprays available on the market were lavender-scented, very strong & piney, and we found this scent to be offensive to most of the children in our focus group, so we set out to make a scent that would be loved by children & parents alike.

By this time, we had the first draft of our book, “Monsters, Beware!,” complete and in the spirit of the book decided to create a spray that “smelled just like oranges and Daddy’s French toast.”  In “Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child,” Valerie Ann Worwood claims that mandarin essential oil can be beneficial for treatment of nervous tension, irritability, insomnia & anxiety, so this seemed like a natural fit for the “oranges” component, although we do not make any claims of the applicability of our product to treatment of these ailments (products making such claims are regulated & must be approved by the FDA).

We located a reputable manufacturer of the oil to use in our spray, and set out to find quality products for the “French toast” side of things.  After hours of testing, and 80 different blends of ingredients, we finally created a blend that we thought smelled wonderful, which we dubbed MD-80.  This Brave Spray received rave reviews from our focus group, and we hope you will love it as much as we do.  We look forward to the book being completed soon and to eventually launching more Monster Defense products

AuthorMatt Hardesty