Description: A long teal-tailed monster. Yellow eyes that look, and smell, like mustard. She has the best of intentions, but comes across as scary. She likes bubble gum, and girls rooms, because they've usually got doll houses. Her favorite color is pink, and she loves nachos. She's a pretty good scarer, especially if you're wearing footie pj's ... but nothing a little Monster Defense can't handle.

Your Story: One night, our daughter thought she smelled something. When her mom and I went in her room to check, the whole closet smelled like mustard. We asked our daughter if she'd eaten hot dogs that night, she said no. I opened the closet, and Boo-Boo and I were eye to eye! I don't know who was more scared. We chased each other around the room, until she finally escaped through the vents. She kept coming back every few weeks, until we were able to get ahold of some Monster Defense. Phfew! Our daughter now sleeps safe and sound.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

AuthorMatt Hardesty