"The Brave Spray offered by the Monster Defense Company can be a very helpful tool in helping your young child overcome their fear of monsters and other scary night creatures.  Fortunately for parents, the peak in such fears usually coincides with a developmental phase we call 'magical thinking.' In this stage of intellectual development (ages 3-5) the clear lines we, adults, make between reality and fantasy (leaving aside virtual reality for the moment) is still very fuzzy.  Thus, even though we tell our 3 year old that monsters, witches, ghosts and goblins are 'not real,' they are as real to him as his worries about them.  Thus, a 'magic wand' of sorts - like Monster Defense Brave Spray - really hits the spot.  It’s effect is as real to your child as the monsters it chases away.  The fact that your child can operate the spray on her own adds to her feeling of empowerment and helps build her confidence in her own power."

from Rachel Biale, MSW, Parenting Consultant


"Monster Defense [Brave] Spray has got to be the biggest Halloween hit for this year.  Kids and parents will have so much fun using this spray to keep the monsters away!...Just so cool!"

from celebritybabytrends.com


"My kids now ask every night for the spray in their room... what a genius idea!"

from Amy D in Grand Rapids, MI


"I told him it would turn monsters into silly creatures! Needless to say, all I heard was laughter and not crying!! This actually made him sleep better knowing he had a secret weapon to fight those terrible monsters!"

from michellescomments.com


"I absolutely love the concept behind this Monster Defence spray!  Recently Reuben has been telling us that he has ghosts and monsters in his bedroom and it would appear that my wonderful banishing skills aren’t quite enough to put his mind at ease.  That is why I think this is such a good idea, the spray will fragrance your child’s bedroom leaving them with sensory ‘proof’ that you have done something to banish the baddies. It has a wonderful scent – like fresh oranges and french toast."

from tobyandroo.com


"...a lot less messy than ectoplasm, and probably way less expensive too...it smells utterly amazing–like French toast. Whether you’re answering a late night call to banish glowing green eyes in the closet, which is the nightly battle at my house, or if you want to be super-monster-repelling mom and pre-spray curtains at bedtime to keep them away completely, the combination of essential oils and fragrance oils is delicious but not cloying or overpowering. I tested it in my kids’ rooms and my own office–and on my dog, who now smells less like wet dog and more like breakfast."

from coolmompicks.com


"...a very cute and affordable way to help your little one overcome the fear of the "monsters" that live under the bed...The smaller bottle and easy spray top are easy for little hands to use. It is also very portable for those trips to grandma and granddads house or any other trips. I myself have found it is a lot easier for my child to fall asleep when you have a routine and adding this nifty product is great! This is a great product to help your child better deal with their fears, plus it adds mommy and daddy bonding time. There is also a place to let your child add their monsters to the Monster Defense Registry."

from wrappedupnu.blogspot.com


"We are still enjoying the Monster Defense Spray!  It smells so wonderful.  You guys should make a Mommy Rescue spray or something similar to the Monster Defense but more marketed for adults.  The scent from the Monster Defense spray is incredible.  I use room/linen sprays all the time, and this has become my favorite!"

from Paisley K. in Waller, TX


"I handed the spray to him and his face immediately turned into a smile...As a mom, I don’t like exposing my children to a bunch of harmful chemicals.  I love that this spray is made with natural ingredients.  When I sprayed it in his room, it made his room smell good but it wasn’t an overwhelming like you often get when you spray air freshener.  This spray smells similar to warm waffles."

from upliftingfamilies.com


"My kids (4 and 2) love their Monster Defense Brave Spray!  As a mom, I like to encourage creativity and an active imagination, but sometimes their imaginations get the best of them.  Now, armed with Brave Spray, they go on monster-defeating adventures.  No more bedtime fears here!"

from Shelley S in Lincoln, NE


"My 4 year old has been having nightmares lately about monsters and it's waking her up in the middle of the night! So we decided to use Monster Defense at night before she goes to bed and it definitely helps her sleep at night. We think it give her a little sense of peace. And, sometimes she will spray her doll's hair with it – so it's a detangler and Monster defense in one ;)."

from Carolyn S in Omaha, NE


"The next morning, the first thing she said to me, still drowsy, was, 'It really worked. I didn't even have bad dreams!'...Monsters don't stand a chance in our house."

from pisforpreschooler.com


"After telling me how much it smelled like sweet oranges and how she hoped it worked, I tucked her into bed and kept my fingers crossed for a peaceful nights sleep. Before I knew it, my alarm was going off and I anxiously felt around in the bed to see if she had slipped in beside me during the middle of the night. When I didn’t feel her, I got up and walked into her room to find her snoozing away peacefully. I woke her up and as soon as she came to her sense’s, she got really excited because she didn’t have a bad dream or get scared! She then said, 'Mom, that spray must really work!'"

"It is now a bedtime ritual for her...thanks to the Monster Defense Brave Spray (MD-80), she doesn’t fear going back in her bed..."

from makingmyamericandream.com


"...it smells fantastic...like oranges and french toast!"

from littlemamajama.com


"For about a week after Halloween, Savannah didn't want to sleep in her own bed.  She thought that monsters were in her room and under her bed...So, we ended up having a crowded bed."

"...I loved the cute label on the bottle, as it really grabbed the girls attention."

"No monster!" she said with a smile.  And, for the first time a couple of weeks, the girls slept in their beds through the night.  And, come the morning, everyone, including Mommy and Daddy, were in better moods from a good night's sleep. :-)"

from inspiredbysavannah.com


"Monster Defense Brave Spray is the perfect way to help keep those silly monsters at bay."

"I am in love with the idea of this product because I’m the kind of parent who wants to encourage my kiddo to have an imagination."

"Monster Spray offers kids peace of mind while they tuck themselves in at night."

from momsdontsaythat.com


"He loves it - it's great!  He sprays under his bed and the closet and says 'take that monsters (even tho they're not real, right mom?)' :))) he says it smells too good to keep monsters away - I said monsters hate good smells :)"

from Abby A in Lincoln, NE


"I absolutely love the idea of Monster Defense!"

"How great does that sound?? A spray that will not only help calm your child's fear and scare those monsters away, but also smells nice? I’ll take it!"

from mamadecreations.com


"...sleepless nights are horrible! For the past couple weeks Livia has been dealing with nightmares...monsters lately have been the source of unfriendly chaos."

"...Livia absolutely loved the Brave Spray [MD-80] and has been asking for it frequently to spray things like smelly shoes…I also enjoyed the scent because it smells fresh."

"...their room smelled amazing and both kids were soundly asleep without a fight!"

"...I am thrilled to have found this product and am excited to have the chance to offer it to my readers! This product definitely gets a kids tested, mommy approved label."

from parentingchaos.com